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New Horse Therapy Program Available

Project Independence News

Project independence is proud to have launched their horse therapy program for children diagnosed with an Intellectual disability living in Southeast Louisiana!

Currently, we are  offering this program to  3 children at a time for a 3 month limit in order to allow others this awesome opportunity.

To get on the waiting list contact :  985-237-0429




Interview With Jerry Tennant at AutismOne Conference 2014

Project Independence News

Dr. Tennant did the majority of the research for the VISX laser used in LASIK. While doing so, he inhaled viruses and got encephalitis and spent about 7 years in bed. Traditional medicine had no solutions so he began searching for a way to get well. He discovered that his brain was running at -2 millivolts instead of the -50 it needed to heal. He then discovered how to restore the voltage so he could make new neurons that worked. Now he teaches others how to heal the "incurable".

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Visit Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council Website

Project Independence News

The Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council is made up of people from every region of the state who are appointed by the governor to develop and implement a five year plan to address the needs of persons with disabilities.
Visit http://www.laddc.org/

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Case Study: EnLyte Therapy in Adolescents With Autism

Project Independence News

Makers of EnLyte Honor Autism Awareness Month

JayMac Pharmaceuticals Educates on Autism-Homocysteine Link

The rate of autism is now up to 1 in 68 children, according to the CDC.  How does homocysteine have a significant impact on this population?

Homocysteine (HCY) is an amino acid that, when high, is implicated in numerous serious physical and mental health conditions.

High HCY results from faulty or impaired methylation, very commonly due to a gene sequence abnormality called MTHFR-found in about 60% of the US population, and in as much as 90% of those with autism. For those with the MTHFR defect, folic acid from diet or supplements is not metabolized to the active form the brain needs, L-Methylfolate. Reduction of HCY relies on a specific combination of vitamins and cofactors, which must be pre-metabolized to be effective in persons with the MTHFR defect.

Many ASD children present with low homocysteine levels.  A growing body of literature underscores that under conditions of oxidative stress homocysteine is used to generate glutathione.  Such conditions may obviate any increases in plasma homocysteine DESPITE FOLATE DEFICIENCY.

In autism, the impact of HCY begins at preconception and continues through the life span.

Prevention of Autism with Prenatal Care

We know that autism rates continue to rise. Why? Folic acid is fortified in our food and is in prenatal vitamins. What we know now is that because the MTHFR gene is so common, prenatal vitamins or a stellar diet fall may fall short in complete prevention.  The folic acid will not be broken down to the active form used by the brain needed to prevent neurogenerative disorders such as autism. According to Dr. David Berger, MD, of Wholistic Pediatrics,"Because women who have the abnormal MTHFR gene sequence may not be able to efficiently complete the conversion of folic acid to methylfolate, they may have issues if taking only folic acid. In such cases, I recommend that women not take folic acid but rather L-methylfolate or folinic acid or possibly a combination of both. These two forms bypass the faulty MTHFR enzyme and provide the fetus with activated folate."

Homocysteine In Persons With Autism

With MTHFR being present in as much as 90% of autism cases, high homocysteine is a big contributor to health issues and  behavior.  According to Lawrence Ginsberg, MD, Red Oak Psychiatry, factors like diet restrictions, absorption issues, and genetic factors-most notably the MTHFR defect-are unique and significant to autism, being major players in decreasing the body's ability to absorb B vitamins. Dr. Ginsberg finds many parents welcome an alternative to antipsychotics in their children with autistic spectrum disorders. The right supplement, with all the brain-ready components that bypass the MTHFR gene abnormality, can have a positive impact on quality of life and help to manage some associated symptoms and behaviors. Click here to read Dr. Ginsberg’s full interview.

Depression in Autism

A new study found suicidal thoughts were found to be more common in a sampling of autistic children vs. non-autistic children. Prescription options to treat depression in children/adolescents are limited and come with suicide warnings. In addition, the MTHFR gene defect and high HCY are linked with depression and with a lower response rate to antidepressants in many cases.

EnLyte in the Prevention and Treatment of Autism

EnLyte is an FDA-regulated prescription folate therapy containing L-Methylfolate magnesium, folinic acid, folacin, brain-ready metabolites of B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, betaine, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, and PS gold omega 3s. It is certified gluten free and artificial dye free. EnLyte bypasses MTHFR and addresses HCY and folate deficiency in one gelcap per day. EnLyte can be squeezed out and administered over food for easy dosing. To learn more, visit www.EnLyteRx.Com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Project Independence News
Thanks to all who braved the weather and came to Galveston, Texas for our final “Ride for Autism” honoring Mr. Donald Royer!


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